Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Saturday, 19 November 2011


A poster created for the Feather Hair Extensions I'm selling at The Christmas Fair
The Lilac Roller

'Oh Oh Oh'

I've also been busy at my place of work making some card holders to sell!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

'Bloom', 'Mococo' and 'Turquoise Twinkle'

The Lilac Roller is Coco's new Clothing and Accessories range! On here I shall upload pictures of garments/accessories I have made (from scratch), altered (re-worked) or added too (beading etc).

. . .

This Dress is called, 'Bloom' and it is made out of Vintage fabric that I found in a local Vintage shop! I bought the lace, 'peter pan' collar from ebay!

. . .

This is, 'The Mococo' - It is a Playsuit I made from stunning Dorma curtains. Inspired by the French, 18th century style, Rococo and adding a Modern twist...Mococo.

. . .

This is the, 'Turquoise Twinkle', and it is a peacock feather I sewed out of beads. The dress is very plain and simple that I bought cheaply, but now has been jazzed up, and looks expensive. Hand-Beaded detailing was so popular in the 1950s but this stunning technique has been lost due to mass production, it takes time and effort to do this sort of thing but is totally worth it!